Sally Mann. 'Candy Cigarette' 1989, from the series Immediate Family © Sally Mann. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery
Sally Mann  ‘At Warm Springs’  1991  from the series Immediate Family
Robert Clary was the youngest of 14 children.  In 1942, because he was Jewish, he was deported to the Nazi concentration camp, Ottmuth. He was later sent to Buchenwald where he was liberated on 11 April 1945. Twelve other members of his immediate family were sent to Auschwitz. Clary was the only survivor. When he returned to Paris after the war, he learned that 3 of his siblings had not been taken away &  survived the Nazi occupation of France. He played LeBeau on the t.v. show "Hogan's…
Taken against the Arcadian backdrop of her woodland summer home in Virginia, Sally Mann’s extraordinary, intimate photographs of her children reveal truths that embody the individuality of her own family yet ultimately take on a universal quality.
In the fall of 1992, a traveling exhibit opened at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. The collection was called "Immediate Family", and it was by a young and lesser known photographer by the name of Sally Mann.
The feels. I have them all. Sirius would have loved to know that there was someone in his immediate family that was good.
Sally Mann Sorry Game from Immediate Family, 1989.
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Sally Mann on photography, 'Hold Still'  With the publication of her third book of pictures, "Immediate Family" (Aperture, 1992), Sally Mann leapt from relative obscurity to a level of national celebrity that only a handful of photographers have ever achieved, in this case mostly unwanted. The book included, among other pictures, several...
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Sally Mann Immediate Family 3
Immediate Family {sally mann}
This is "Jesse at 9" from Sally Mann. Her photography is so beautiful. I really feel the emotion she captures in her photographs. What better subject for a photographer than one's children.