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wandering if this is what my kitchen looked like in 1917...our house has this wide, dark trim still in the living room & dining room


Nothing beats the warmth of copper, especially in the kitchen. Here are my favorite rooms and pics for adding touches of copper.

from ArchDaily

Gallery of These Amazing Kitchens Will Up Your Thanksgiving Game - 7


Sharing some of my fave photos of Christmas past today . . . I think this might be my fave holiday image ever from my own “work” or home; And I loved this cozy Christmas nest in our “new old house”…this room will always be an important part of our history. It’s so interesting how …


Home what does it mean to you? This room can get ever so busy but today all is calm and still. This is part of my kitchen we spend a lot of time sat around this table enjoying meals talking laughing making a mess. I'm joining @sogoodineveryway as a guest judge over the next couple of weeks. It would great if you could join me @incredibusy @redtedart @willowdaygram using the hashtag #sgiew_HOME to share images of your favourite part of your home and what it means to you.... #momentsofmine…


I hope you had a wonderful weekend? We went to visit friends at their summer cottage on the east coast of Skåne, which was lovely and soooo...