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The fluffy lamp I thought it was about time to post some #bedroominspiration again. So this image via @acupofchic really came in handy and even showcases one of my current lighting favourites the fluffety-fluffy EOS pendant lamp by @vitalighting. Also I absolutely love the trumpet-in-a-frame wall art. I really think it turns this #bedroom in a unique place of relaxation with a creative atmosphere. Good night my dear friends ------------------------ #vita lighting #EOS #lamp #pendant…


Pixar's "Day and Night" short film. I used this today for a first grade science lesson on day sky vs. night sky and it was a PERFECT set. It highlights some of the good things about each to get the wheels turning in their head, and the kids really enjoyed it! I followed it up by a Venn diagram of day and night that we completed as a class.


Act of Contrition Prayer Card

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“And I, tiny being, 
drunk with the great starry 
likeness, image of 
felt myself a pure part 
of the abyss.” Pablo Neruda


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We need to tell our baby girls, that they are more than their good looks, hips and thighs. life isn't only about being pretty.


Memories. Understand that I'm just trying to hold onto the one thing in life that isn't changing right now. We don't have forever. We have now. I just want to try and make it good. I get this daunting feeling everyday that I am just preparing for the day you will leave me. And it's killing me. Happy heathy and hopeful. That's everything I can wish for you babe.

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Top 10 Plants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Monstera improves air quality at night. Monstera is really good at absorbing formaldehyde. It also absorbs carbon dioxide at night and releases the oxygen, so it is helpful in improving air quality. It is also good looking and relatively easy to maintain.


NGC 1999 is 1,500 light years from Tiera, and is one of the most beautiful and interesting in the night sky nebulae. It is very weak, and like other nebulae, a good mix of emission, reflection and dark clouds. Being located in the area of ​​the sky occupied by the constellation Orion, it is a region of star birth more common than in other regions. Being this region so rich in newly formed stars, it is not surprising that several Herbig-Haro objects can be found in this image.