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Im only human, but I am sincere... Pinned from sorry quotes - Google Search

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I can take so much, 'till i've had enough. cause i'm only human.

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If you can't forgive others then do not expect others to forgive you. More importantly, read Mark 11:26 and let that sink in. "But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in Heaven forgive you." In other words, you will be forgiven by the same measure that YOU forgive. Remember, you will only give account for your own actions and not the actions of others. Do not hold grudges and allow actions of others to interfere with your walk with God.

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Boy is this the truth for me sometimes! It's only human though. No matter what you do, your feelings are sometimes surfaced.

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My mom once said "come to church to find a good man" I told her "I want a sinner with tattoos" she replied "well sinners go to church too."

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That's life...Most people go through a lot of shit (who doesn't?) Learn everything you can from other's mistakes as well as your own. Every hardship that one goes through can make them stronger and wiser mentally...I know that isn't always comforting especially when your in the middle of shit but try to keep in mind that it will pass and it will get better. We are only human and we are not meant to be mindlessly happy all the time...we must experience sadness so that we may appreciate…

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