Nikki Rowe - "I wasnt looking for anything when I found you & it somehow made me question what...". life, truth, love-quotes, real, falling-in-love, love, raw, serendipity, life-lessons-wisdom, serendipity-quotes

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Its happening again. Im falling in love. Im trying so hard to remain a healthy level of impartial because I am so scared. I am so scared that this will be just like the lastJust another short period of bliss followed by months of insecurity heart ache and clenched fists. chaitschillnstuff

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Sadly, who I fell in love with was all a lie, and you never wanted me as a permanent part of your life

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We came into each others lives just at the right time, unexpectedly because as it were, we were meant to be. We fell in love so fast we didn't even realise and everyday since then has been nothing more or less than living that love xx

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