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Columbia Space Shuttle flight crew from that shuttle's final mission. The entire flight crew died in 2002 when the shuttle burned up upon reentering the Earth's atmosphere. Never forget.


Space Shuttle Columbia Memorial -- Memorial to the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the tragic Space Shuttle Columbia accident on February 1, 2003.

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The dramatic last moments of crew killed on Columbia space shuttle

Space Shuttle Columbia crew on board when it exploded. Front row L-R Rick Husband,Kalpana Chawla,William McCool,back row David Brown,Laurel Clark,Michael Anderson and Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon


translated into English-With Yad Vashem's help, Petr's journal was published in 13 languages. The late Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon took a facsimile of one of Petr Ginz's pencil drawings, "Moon Landscape," with him into space; it depicts Earth from the perspective of someone standing on the moon, as imagined by Petr in the ghetto.

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Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope (Amazing Documentary You Can Watch for Free on

Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope. An amazing documentary about Israel's first astronaut, which you can watch for free on


The seven STS-107 crew members who died in an explosion of the Shuttle Columbia on Feb. 1, 2003, are: Rick D. Husband, mission commander; Kalpana Chawla, mission specialist; and William C. McCool, pilot. Astronauts David M. Brown, Laurel B. Clark, and Michael P. Anderson, all mission specialists; and Ilan Ramon, payload specialist representing the Israeli Space Agency.


Colonel Ilan Ramon was an Israeli Air Force combat pilot and the first Israeli astronaut to take part in a space mission, the fatal Space Shuttle Columbia mission. Colonel Ramon accumulated over 3,000 flight hours on the A-4, Mirage III-C, and F-4, and over 1,000 flight hours on the F-16. Ramon's journey into space occurred as Israelis continued to suffer through a horrendous period of violence and helped lift the nation's spirits. Ramon was a national hero and a symbol of hope.


Ilan Ramon's 60th Birthday - Ilan Ramon was an Israeli fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, and later the first Israeli astronaut.

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F-4E Phantom II "Kornas" - Ilan ramon Israel Air Force | by xnir