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How to Do a Very Basic Ikebana Flower Arrangement

How to Do a Basic Ikebana Flower Arrangement « A [super cute] illustrated guide to ikebana, the Japanese art of arranging flowers, which pays attention to the overall balance, emphasizing minimalism and asymmetry.

One person once FELT it and others could SEE it, so for hundreds of years after people try to find THAT feeling. Just like with christianity, Ikebana is being layed out with rules talking to the head, so the eyes can recognise when it's right and then the body can feel. But really, it is the other way around! When you are in contact with your body, you FEEL nature speaking, feel the beauty and there is no need for other instructions

Kakeizu (pattern) for Moribana,(basic upright style) of Ikebana.The shushi are…

#flower arrangement ... Ikebana ... lily with looped leaves and a couple spiked leaves ... #design

Imágenes de impresionante arte floral japonés

The Kimono Gallery : Photo

Large tropical vase arrangement for a birthday. featuring Ginger, Mokara orchids, Hot Lady roses, Limelight anthurium, hydrangea and tropical

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Find out about ikebana flower arranging, how it originated, ikebana styles, where to study and its tools and accessories.

Exposición Ikebana by CaDs, via Flickr

Ikebana ~ The art of Japanese flower arranging ~ by CaDs ~ Miks' Pics "Artsy Fartsy ll" board.

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