Another beautiful sogetsu ikebana arrangement. This school typically uses either a tall, narrow vase such as one made from a bamboo stem, or a flat, open dish in which the flowers and branches are fixed in a hidden kenzan spiked support. However, this is an example of the newer expressions of this form. #decor #ikebana

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Color, Mass, Line - the main elements of Ikebana. Read more on the Ikebana Web: Arrangement by Ekaterina Seehaus #Ikebana #Sogetsu #Seehaus

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I am very lucky. Ilse made some cherry blossom ikebana arrangements in our living room. And now I can do some hanami from my couch, enjoying some food and drinks. But I decided to skip the karaoke. Ikebana: Ilse Beunen Photography: Ben Huybrechts Material: Prunus and tulips

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