"I wanted to work with transparency as a predominate element in order to create furniture that gets its color and shape from the room it stands in. By combining glass and plastic with reflecting chrome, TOBIAS chair and TORSBY dining table become like an illusion, an abstract experience." Designer: Carl Öjerstam

TOBIAS Chair, clear, chrome plated

IKEA TOBIAS Chair Transparent/chrome-plated You sit comfortably thanks to the restful flexibility of the seat and back.

I have always wanted this IKEA® Fusion Table with chairs on the corners! I don't know why! I'll have it someday!

Furniture for Small Spaces

Advice for Designers: Why your Project isn't Published | Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator

Advice for Designers: Why your Project isn't Published

Space saving furniture is a must

The Folding Dining Table Set includes a foldable table and 4 Comfortable folding chairs. The sides of the table fold down and the four folding chairs easily stow underneath for storage when the table is not in use