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ignored quotes - Google Search - hope that's working for you. You're showing me you're not the person I thought you were or maybe you are showing me who you were all along. I don't know anymore. But either way, that's cool too.

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Ignore me then what's the point of talking to you if im Right next to you but you just completely ignore me im done with your bullshit

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I never asked you to push anyone aside for me, I never would. That would be selfish. The same attention you enjoyed from me was all I wanted from you in return. Guess I wasn't emportant enough

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Hes been ignoring me for almost 1 month but I understand he needs time and space

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Hear me when I tell you this:people who ignore you, until it suits them to talk to you, are not worth your friendship or your time!

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Whenever a person is ignoring me, what they're actually doing is making a conscious choice to communicate that I'm not important to them.

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