If u happy

are u happy? is such a difficult question i always say yes, b/c i have friends i laugh at jokes, i go out a lot and have fun my life isn't as bad as it could be, and i don't have terrible problems. it could be worse. but then, one night @ 3 am when i'm alone still awake, lying in bed, thinking about life, i find myself crying my heart out suddenly i convince that nobody likes me, or nobody will ever like me. i feel horrible and i ? everything i had and i don't know if i was ever happy @ all

"Are you happy?" Is such a difficult question. I always say yes, because I have friends. I laugh at jokes, I go out a lot and have fun. My life isn't as bad as it could be and I don't have terrible problems. It could be worse.

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You deserve all the happiness life can offer and much much more. Whatever brings your beautiful heart some of that happiness is what I want for you ❤

This is the last time I'm gonna to address your bullshit in my lfe angelia. My husband knows everything that went on.  Its not a huge secret over here. So, u threatening to tell him everything doesn't bother me at all!! If u and he are happy, great! Leave me out of it and focus on that shit. Get a fucking hobby. From this moment forward, I'm not looking at your posts anymore, and I'm suggesting u do the same. Its just dragging on the bullshit. U say I want drama, but I have ignored u and…

Oh snap! This is so on point for JC'S inflated ego and inability to see anything past his own nose.

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Maybe u will or maybe u so happy now that I never even cross ur mind anymore...our passion died with ur goodbye...I will never know

Maybe u will or maybe u so happy now that I never even cross ur mind anymore.our passion died with ur goodbye.I will never know but I refuse to give up on what we both know can be perfect for us.

Let no one deny what you actually feel... Or deny you the right to feel that way.~JY

She cries and says, "I'm sorry" but sorry for what? Sorry for having feelings? Sorry for not pretending to be happy? Sorry for being honest? Sorry for being depressed? Sorry for hating yourself? Stop apologizing for your feelings.