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If only my heart were as cold as I pretend it is, maybe I could get over this. -Jessia Katoff

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If Only Our Eyes Saw Souls

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Getting deep with word porn (17 photos)

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This quote makes me want to cry and I have no idea why. So that's why it is being pinned onto this board.

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- JmStorm - I did this knowing I'd never felt love like this ever and while I was so happy it was always on my mind what if it doesn't work out... And a day later after a completely beautiful night of indescribable emotions, passions, and talks of marriage it was over without warning.... Worst day of my life and I've survived horrible things ... But this heartbreak is the only thing that's ever made me fear for my life.....

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if only you only knew what survivors must hold inside. our pain is unlike any other you might have felt. it is a wordless pain, defying any attempt to find a description that could possibly define it. no such words exist.

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17 Gluten-Free Beers That Don't Suck

17 Gluten-Free Beers That Don't if only local stores would carry them all I'd be set!

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