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Russell Bell

My favorite TV show of all time is unquestionably The Wire. Great writing, acting, and a multi-layered story that gets deeper with every season.

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Luther, BBC Mmm, Idris Elba ... No seriously - not only is he the hottest thing ever, but this series is so typically Britiish - dark and abysmal and yet charming, that you have to fall for the whole lot.

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There are many, many things I love about The Wire (not for nothing have so many critics called it the best show on television), but Michael Kenneth Williams takes the cake. Anyone who can top Idris Elba AND Dominic West in my book must really have some charisma.

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Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) in "The Wire" (

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Idris Elba: King of Speed - Who knew that Idris Elba – telly demigod of Luther and The Wire fame – was a fervent petrolhead? This first instalment in an international journey to discover the history of car racing sees him head from his childhood home in east London to the Motor City of Detroit and on to New Jersey to explore how a need for speed has influenced motor sports and popular culture alike. His adventures conclude on Friday, with a trip to Finland to learn the secrets of rally…

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Idris Elba/The night that you made your first appearance on "The Wire"-- I wish you could have heard the African- American women's comments, all over the country, we flipped ! But you know that by -- Stringer, right ?

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Idris Elba. I liked him in the roles of Stringer Bell (The Wire) and Luther in the show Luther. Good actor.

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26 Reasons To Give Your Life Over To The Glory That Is Idris Elba

And can we talk about how he only had one sex scene in The Wire. ONE. What is wrong with humanity?? | 26 Reasons To Give Your Life Over To The Glory That Is Idris Elba

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Idris Elba Talks Bond Rumors And "The Wire" With Maxim

Bond may not be in his future, but we’re sure Idris has a ton of other great roles on the horizon. | Idris Elba Talks Bond Rumors And "The Wire" With Maxim

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