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DIY in progress 〰〰 Wasn't sure how I felt about feathers until I added some gold. Gold is the answer. ✨

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Modern Re-creations of Greek Myths by Andre Rucker

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[***] by Vladimir Bochkov, via 500px Wings you can wear! So perfect for Track 2: Fight the Good Fight, you have no idea. #ArtsAngels

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daw-n: (

Carpe Diem is often used for emphasis after saying something that urges someone to make the most of the day and what they are doing. It is a useful piece of advice that reminds people to slow down and seize the day -

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She looked upon the burning wings. Her knees buckled underneath her, sending her softly into the snow. How the flames flickered and fluttered off the tips of the feathers. "He's gone," she whispered; her pale pink fingertips smoothing out the wrinkles and smothering the flames.

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