i wish there were some here!
Some people know how to take some super good pictures. Lol. By: hiritai @ dA
Keep Calm and love Canada. Sometimes I wish I were a Canadian...  ^^^ this was the original caption... I always with I was Canadian!
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When our four-year-old son . . . saw a bird outside the window, he commented “I wish I were a bird with wings so I could fly up to heaven and talk to Jesus.” [His parents] asked what he would say to Jesus if he were a bird. His simple reply . . . “Tweet, tweet.” http://mereinkling.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/face-to-face-with-god/
Cameron Dallas I wish I were that teddy bear, one can only dream. ❤ @Cameron Daigle Dallas
oh i wish i were an oscar mayer weiner.  #Doxie Darlin' ♥ LOVE
i wish i were her right now, uta no prince sama
〜 I wish I were a bird 〜 鳥は羽ばたくことが当たり前だ。 飛んで空から見渡す