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I can remember the same kind of thing when I served in the USN in the early 80's... I'll bet this "phenomenon" is quite universal...

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danger days just makes me feel happy<< SAME but like also Bulletproof Heart YES I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH

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His birthday is the 30th too HAHAHAHA CRAFTING

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Yup! Never a dull moment in my head, that's why I've never minded being alone. I can entertain myself for days

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@Savluvsu14 Download the app Mercari and use my code WJAVNA to get 2$ worth of Mercari Credits!

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I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit | Tank

I Am Unable To Quit As I Am Currently Too Legit - This funny fitness shirt is great for fans of shakespeare lyric memes, hip hop memes and workout out at the gym, lifting weights because I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit. This gym shirt is perfect for fans of gym memes, fitness memes and workout shirts.

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Me: *finds Totoro* Also Me: *Not trained for forest survival, therefore I attempt to feed him raw bacon*

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