i've never had a boyfriend, or a boy who had a crush on me, or even a boy i talk to, except for this one guy, we barely ever talk tho

I'm not the girl boys fall in love with. I'm the girl who breaks young girls' hearts. Because I will never want them, and they will never be me.

Texts aren't needed, won't apologize after every fight (it's okay to be right), clingy is nice (to an extent)

I want all these and more. But I want a guy who doesn't have to be taught how to love me. I want a guy who knows how to love me and make me feel like his only one. and he has to love God :)

The one that got away

We did ducking date. But I guess we're till just an ex-sth or ex-idk or more accurately ex-nothing. Bloody hell, Lord Jesus, my heart really hearts today. I'm so sad)))):

I'm not a teenager, but I can still relate. Not that I want a boyfriend, just want to go on a date or something. :)

I'm not a teenager, but I can still relate. Not that I want a boyfriend, just want to go on a date or something. :) ---- It's so true.

a classic woman. <•> 2 book bundles left that contain signed copies of my three new books: gentle man, blooming hearts and lovehues. gift it to yourself, for a loved one, a lover of words, a cynic of love and romance, a friend in need, a reminder to feel.

She's an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance, and love. They don't make this in 2016 just saying

I actually think 3 days is a bit ridiculous to go by, but the moral here is, if he wants you in his life-he'll make the time.

If you know you need the time & space then take it. Step away for 3 days, a week, however long you need. Tell them, give me "X" amount of time to think & heal & just be. If they love & respect you, they will wait.

Alpha Female- 100% Me♦️ Love this so much❤️

ALPHA FEMALE - A woman can be all of this 'and' vulnerable, sexy and even submissive. A woman like this needs, an alpha male; as her best friend, lover and partner/spouse.

not arguing, I hate fighting. But I've found my someone

57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

I believe this is my husband....the gentle bear who loves me silently, but is a beast when needed outwardly....

Quotes I LOVE! This is an absolutely beautiful Love Poem ~ I Promise To Love You ~ Amanda Katherine Ricketson