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100 Ways to Say "I Love You. ~ "I don't have the words to tell you how much I love you. Maybe if I loved you less, it would be easier to talk about it.

“Fuck it.. I love you. And I love fucking you. There, I said it.” |  Quote for couples in love, for those of you in relationships or those of you that are dating :) | www.kinkyquotes.com

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ツ ♥    I Love You Mommy by ~ZukoandJet    Nomnomnom <3

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[Open for more] • • • Museum date • • @matthewdaddario @harryshumjr [Image from Tumblr] • • ily: i love you. ilysm: i love you so much . ikyfwifa: i know you feel what i feel alec . wtgcdpma: when things get crazy don't push me away . iamt: i am malec trash

Museum date / malec / magnus bane/ alec / alec lightwood / alexander lightwood/

TB Iris germanica 'Baby I Love You' (Black, 2011)

TB Iris germanica 'Baby I Love You' (Black, de~Amaranthus~

I love you by (m-arci-a.tumblr.com)..................... I like how Sam's drawn

Supernatural (Yaoi) - Dean Winchester x Castiel - [Destiel]

master3languages​:Cute Korean Phrases, Part 2I love you.사랑해요.Salanghaeyo.I love you too.나도 사랑해요.Nado salanghaeyo. I like you.당신을 좋아해요.Dangsin-eul joh-ahaeyo.I love you a lot.당신을 많이 사랑해요.Dangsin-eul manh-i salanghaeyo. You are so sweat.정말 친절하시군요.Jeongmal chinjeolhasigun-yo. You are amazing.당신은 대단해요.Dangsin-eun daedanhaeyo. You look great.멋지시네요.Meosjisineyo. I just want to be friends.저는 그저 친구로 지내고 싶어요.Jeoneun geujeo chingulo jinaego sip-eoyo.P.S. Check out these useful resources!Click here to…

Top 25 Useful Korean Phrases Are you a Korean learner? Or are you planning to visit Korea? Well, then these 25 Korean phrases are the ones you MUST learn. They are the most useful and basic phrases.