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He might make me mad to the point where I see red. He might break something of mine. He might embarass me or tell me secrets to people, but he's my brother. He's the only one I have and I wouldn't trade him in for the world :) <3


Day 4 of not watching leaks: it's been hard so far. My brother quit the hard war last night, and wants to tell me EVERYTHING. I don't think I'll survive. I played "Steven's Dream" earlier today. Luckily, it had an error before it started playing. I took it as a sign. The spoilers everybody is posting is making it very hard for me, like this one. I try not to look at it directly. I know it will be hard, and I keep telling myself I might just watch the first episode, but I know that if I…


The Ro'meave Brothers By: YaoiGirls379