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Yeah I'm tired of having to be strong and do what's right tired of every time things start to get better something happens I just want to run as far away as I can't figure what I am doing wrong I am a good person I would do anything thing for anyone just about and I just feel so alone and it sucks but I guess that's life we are supposed to knock off the dust and get back on but how many times can you be thrown before you break........

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I am so tired of being the strong one, the responsible one, of feeling so alone....of being so alone...

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behind-those-broken-blue-eyes: I have no one. I have no one who cares, I have no one to talk to. I have no one that’ll try to understand, I have no one to listen. Everyone has left. No one’s there for me. Absolutely no one. I’m so alone. I just need someone to hold me. I just need someone that I can run to on bad days and know they’ll be there with open arms.

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"Severe depression" "Major depression" that's what the internet says I suffer from. I've taken about 5 quizzes that all say the same. "Seek medical help" that's what they say :)

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I have lived this and I will never waste time like that again. Time you can never get back. And you can feel so alone even when you are with someone. I would rather be alone then lonely with someone else. You should never feel that way in a good healthy relationship.

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I feel so alone, I miss you Briana. I love you so much. I would give anything to still have you in my life.

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Literally how I feel I could not have put that I. Better words!! Accept they left out the fact at night I feel so alone I want to kill myself but you know it's the usual.

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