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Go ahead, underestimate me. I don't mind, it will just become major shock to you when you realize what I am actually capable of.

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Underestimate me that'll be fun

tell me one more time, i'm doing it for attention. i dare you. i fucken dare you

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Its all fun and games until someone is hit in the face and takes offense! cool dog stories at

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I dare you to read it and not sing it

Yep, go on :P I dare it, because I am not afraid of you finding such a person. Why? They don't exist!

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I dare you. Punch me, kick me, beat me black and blue. I don't care anymore. But know this; you better kill me. Because when I get up..... You'll beg for mercy. You'll grovel and whine for me to kill you. But I won't. I may be human, and weak enough to want revenge..... But I'll never be a monster like you.

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