Go ahead, underestimate me. I don't mind, it will just become major shock to you when you realize what I am actually capable of.

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tell me one more time, i'm doing it for attention. i dare you. i fucken dare you

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If you never step out and be brave with your dreams you'll never know if you can accomplish them. Go For IT!

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It's Monday babies. Today I dare you to rock what you've got unashamed unafraid and unapologetically. Hair looking a mess? Ain't no thang. Slip up at work? Psssssh all good. Mistakes happen. Whatever little annoyance threatens to rock the boat of your manic Monday I dare you to scare it off with a megawatt smile and the power of positivity. You are fierce strong unstoppable. Grab today by the you-know-what and rock it out. And whatever shit you've got going on darling just fucking own it…

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Take your soul’s dare to be who you are. Subscribe: DanielleLaPorte.com #Truthbomb #Words #Quotes

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