I am an alpha-female. This is why I achieve more than others. It is why I do not tolerate bullshit. It is why the only person I compete with, is myself. I do not play the victim. I do not need another person to survive in this world, as I am not co-dependent. I know when to walk away from something or someone who is not worthy of my time. Thank you, Wendy, for reminding me how awesome I am!

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Yes ! Although, I know someone who will die of boredom. Tragic really !. It fascinates me on his inability to care for people. I wonder what his life is really like? Is it empty and sad or is he truly just heartless. No emotions? Fascinating how vastly different people can really be. I hated that cold world.

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Why being different is actually a good thing - and how to embrace your unique bad ass self - live on whatisperfection.com - self improvement tips for growing your confidence

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Introvert Infographics about key topics and trends in introvert's and extrovert's world.

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"I am enough. As I am. Today. Worthy of love. Worthy of success. Worthy of happiness. Just because. End of story." Great blog post about being who we are!

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Alice In Wonderland Wall Decal Cheshire Cat Quote Im Not Crazy My Reality Is Just Different Than Yours Nursery Kids Bedroom Wall Decor Approximate

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INFJ vs INFP. 1st and 5th row I'm definitely more INFP, but I honestly think I do both in the other three, and quite possibly absorb others' emotions more than mirror them. I swear I am not just one or the other, but some weird combo of both (but more P than J).

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