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I roast people a lot tbh. It's not good though cuz usually I just chime into other people's conversations. But I am pretty freaking amazing at sarcastic remarks so I am a master in the art of roasting.


then i am unbroken i am strong i will not let the world take my heart and i feel like a fallen angel as much as i feel like a outsider but if i am what o listen to then i am strong and not broken nor a freak if you call someone a freak what is the definition it means diffrent then we are all freaks because we are all diffrent


Wake up for WHAT? (22 photos)

What will I do tomorrow? I wonder if I offended someone today? How am I really as a person? Am I as bad as people seem to think I am? What project can I start? How is my life going? Am I reaching my goals? What will the weather be like tomorrow? Is there anything I can do to better my life? Am I praying enough?


SO VERY VERY VERY VERY TRUE! I'm glad I waited for someone who was worth my time and effort. There's a reason why the other possibilities didn't become actual relationships. Because what we have is more than worth the waiting.


my friends all say i love him. idk though, he doesn't seem to like me anymore. did they ever actually? maybe i am a little bit obsessed, I, S and C.