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This would be a great bonding lesson transitioning from lewis dot structures. After students realize where the unpaired electrons are they can model bonding using this activity. This would also beautifully model double and triple bonds. Students can redraw these models in their notebooks. Physical Science Activities


The Curious Wavefunction: A bond by any other name...: How the simple definition of a hydrogen bond gives us a glimpse into the heart of chemistry

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Water Properties Graphic Organizer Foldable for interactive Notebook

This is a one sheet of paper foldable which covers the important properties of water: polarity, hydrogen bonds, adhesion, cohesion, chemical buffer and density anomaly. Excellent for AP and PAP Biology and Chemistry courses. Key and instructions included.

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The Very First Image of a Hydrogen Bond

Hydrogen bonding between water molecules. H bonding is responsible for many of the important properties of water such as high cohesion, surface tension, boiling point and its role as a universal solvent.

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How Hydrogen Bonds Work

How Hydrogen Bonds Work: Hydrogen bonding can occur within a molecule or between hydrogen and atoms of other molecules, such as between hydrogen and oxygen atoms of different water molecules.


Properties of Water - YouTube- Explore the properties of water with the Amoeba Sisters! Terms discussed include cohesion, adhesion, surface tension, and specific heat.


Biology Genetics Activity: DNA replication models my class made with chalk on our sidewalks displaying anti-parallel structure of DNA, sugar-phosphate backbone, base pairs following Chargaff's Rules linked by hydrogen bonds, action of enzyme helicase and polymerase in adding daughter strands to the original parent strands within the replication bubble at the replication fork! Glencoe High School - Mrs. Barkley - Spring 2014 - Pic 1