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Indoor Vegetable Gardening: 37 Edibles You Can Grow Indoors In The Winter - As a prepper, one of the essential skills is for you to be able to sustain yourself and have food available to you the whole year, if and when you need it. One way of achieving this, is through an indoor vegetable garden. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and, more importantly, is able to function entirely inside.


20 + Cool Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardens are a great solution that will serve you as a garden decor element. We have rounded up this collection of Vertical Garden Ideas.

How To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System

How To DIY Aquaponics - The How To DIY Guide on Building Your Very Own Aquaponic System

How To Grow 168 Plants In A 6 X 10 Space With A DIY A-Frame Hydroponic System

Aquaponics Troubleshooting: The top 10 reasons why your aquaponics system isn't cycling.

11 Greens You Can Grow All Winter (that definitely aren’t kale

11 greens you can grow all winter, including - pea greens or shoots, mizuna, garden sorrel, non-bulbing fennel, basil, lettuces, mache, salad burnet, agretti, land cress, and arugula


Handcrafted in Vermont by Vermont Nature Creations, these Hanging Water Gardens are an elegant, stylish and care-free way to grow a wide variety of plants in water. No green thumb? No problem. Using hydroponics–water, air and light and no soil–grow plants like ivy, philodendron, spider plants, impatiens, begonias, basil, mint, rosemary and more indoors. From $29.95 at Vermont Nature Collections.


The Garden Fish Tank: Future Sustainability and Indoor Gardening