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i'm dying inside quotes | Am i really happy? Who knows maybe i’m dying/hurting inside. :’(


Having to act like everything is alright and being the person people can depend is so damn hard. It's like when I need someone no one's there. Like where the fuck did you guys all go?


I woke up one day and realized that I was what I hated more than anything else on this planet. I was the problem and that the solution was to overcome me. I struggle every day but I'm closer than I was one day ago.


Depression: It's A Disorder, Not A Choice

I'm (depressed, sad, hurt, confused, lonely, unloved, judged, misunderstood, insignificant, broken, dying inside) Fine. i say "i'm fine, just tired" when a teacher asks. and then i smile like i am actually fine, and now you all know my biggest lies...