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Hotels are liable for the loss of a guests property under common law. This called absolute or strict liability. This only applies to the guests property that is within the hotel. There are exceptions to this absolute liability rule. One of those is a loss due to an act of God, such as a hurricane. Other exceptions include loss due to a public enemy or guest negligence.

Green Cordonazo. While sailing to Mexico, we were facing the strong hurricane winds in the Pacific Ocean. This hurricane named El Cordonazo. Only real men can handle this.

What Are the Hurricane and Tropical Storm Names for 2015?

Sharon should be the next big hurricane to hit Tampa FLorida, she's long over due for some of her own medicine!!


#Hurricanes gauge, very cool, N. #Louisiana usually gets hit pretty hard too once it moves on up the state.


Hurricane Season 2014 - Predictions, Forecasts, Tropical Storm Names and Hurricane Names - Atlantic Region