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SHOULD KIDS BE ALLOWED TO READ THE HUNGER GAMES? The Hunger Games is a hugely successful book series that has more than 20 teens slaughtered by other teens in a totalitarian government reality television game in gory detail. The story explores reality television, totalitarian government, screen violence as entertainment, cruelty, greed, true friendship, importance of family ties, and loyalty. Check out our concerns before allowing the kids in your care read or see the movie of The Hunger…

Hunger Games Series.. much more appealing then the movies and an interesting look into a dystopian society

from Etsy

Mellark Bakery Towel -- Bread

I like the subtlety of this homage to book series The Hunger Games. No need to rub it in their faces with a washcloth or anything – try rplusd's dishcloth instead.

They are actually kinda better than the hunger games. At least that is my personal opinion. ADD THEM TO YOUR READING LIST GUYS!!