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32 Hungarian Foods The Whole World Should Know And Love

Palacsinta (crépes) | my mother made these to perfection! Made VERY thin for marmalade or jam spread, few drops lemon juice, rolled up with sprinkled powdered sugar on top! Yum

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Pogacsa (Hungarian Cheese Biscuits)

These pogacsa, Hungarian for biscuit, are perfect for parties. You may either add the following in the dough, sprinkled on top before baking, or both - finely shredded medium-firm fresh cheeses and aged dry hard cheeses, chopped pork crackling, minced cabbage, black pepper, hot or sweet paprika, minced garlic, minced red onion, caraway seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds or poppy seeds.

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Hungarian Goulash cooked the traditional way - over an open fire (here by a Hungarian cowboy, also known confusingly, as a "Gulyas". Hungarian barbecues often involve this sort of cooking, and you will see a lot of campfires at campgrounds in Hungary!

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Budapest, Hungary | One of the most beautiful and culturally inspiring places I have ever been. I can't wait to go back. I took a picture identical to this.

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Budapest, Hungary is the perfect combo of cheap and luxe, the food is awesome and there’s lots of history and beautiful things to do in the Hungarian capital. Get a list of all the best sights here.

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