"Hun Sen Is Doing Some Things Right". On silverware, motorcycles and chocolate.

The family of Cambodian dictator Hun Sen sits on at least $200 million. But it might not save them from populist anger.

Cambodia's PM Hun Sen urges Thailand to keep peace - The Nation - The NationCambodias PM Hun Sen urges Thailand to keep peaceThe NationSpeaking at the opening ceremony of a new building for the Kampot City hall on Thursday, Hun Sen said keeping the peace is very important in maintaining harmony for... - http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=tfd=Rusg=AFQjCNHJBTijG8fl0U-F1JR-MpVWt-rdiwurl=http://www.nationm

The funeral of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen Traitor

PHOTO: Members of the Boeung Kak Lake community, entangled in a land issue since 2007, try to push past a Police blockade preventing them from demonstrating in front of Prime Minister Hun Sen's house on Sihanouk Boulevard. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. July 2nd 2013. © John Vink/Magnum Photos

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Mother and son: Angelina and Maddox in 2003 shortly after she adopted the boy from Western Cambodia

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Top News: "CAMBODIA POLITICS: Hun Sen Files New Lawsuit Against Sam Rainsy" - http://politicoscope.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Cambodia-POLITICS-NEWS-Sam-Rainsy-ASIA-NEWS.jpg - Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen filed a $1-million defamation lawsuit against opposition leader Sam Rainsy, keeping up pressure ahead of elections. on World Political News - http://politicoscope.com/2017/01/19/cambodia-politics-hun-sen-files-new-lawsuit-against-sam-rainsy/.

Cambodge Mag : Hun Sen en colère Après avoir réprimandé les élus locaux au sujet de la gestion de certains conflits fonciers, le Premier Ministre s’en est pris ensuite à ceux qui l’accusaient de mal connaitre certains de ces dossiers.

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