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raising quail (for eggs).. and dinner! We loved watching them, dad raised many many of them


Hot Cake a.k.a Japanese Pancake. The ratio of flour and liquid is 1:1.5 (more or less depends on the flour, humidity) Yield 5 : 300 gr flour 450 ml water 12 gr baking powder 40 gr sugar Do not over mixed and let it sit at least 15 minutes . . . . . . . #whatveganseat #vegan #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganfoodporn #govegan #pancakes #veganasian #foodisfuel #foodcombining #delicious #highcarbvegan #plantbased #plantstrong #poweredbyplants #breakfast #brunch Yummery - best recipes…

Day Three. Having trouble keeping the temp/humidity ratios stable. Definitely switching to a styrofoam cooler today.

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Anti-Humidity Hair Products To Beat The Heat

The heat wave we've been experiencing here in New York City have inspired us to give up the flat iron and embrace our curls. But one thing we can definitely do without is the frizz that comes with that curl acceptance.

One common problem with machine mixing is the formation of small bubbles. These bubbles form all over the resin and create foam on it. This problem is normally caused by humidity in the solution. Article Source:

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15 Mesmerizing Science GIFs, Explained

When it’s dry outside, pine cones open up to disperse seed. Pine cones are the most common example of a hygromorph, which changes shape based on humidity levels. The cells inside the cone are dead, and the triggered response is completely automatic. When they’re dry, a small section of the outer layer of the scale near the mid-rib shrinks, pulling the whole scale back and opening it up. When it’s damp, the moisture causes the layer to expand in such a way that it closes the cone.

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Homestead Hack - Killing Weeds

Killing weeds in the bricks of my sidewalk. Y'all know my battle cry: "Use Whatcha Got!" This isn't a new idea, but it's a great one #TaylorMadeHomestead


Anti-Humidity Hair Products


Universal Transmitter With Integral Probe, No Display. These transmitters provide reliable and long-term stability of humidity and temperature measurements. Select RH/temperature transmitters or universal transmitters—with or without a display. The RH/temperature transmitters measure relative humidity and temperature. The universal transmitters measure relative humidity, temperature, dew point, absolute humidity, wet bulb, mixing ratio, and enthalpy. Transmitters with a display provide both…

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Anti-Humidity Hair Products To Beat The Heat

Humidity hair