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January 13, 1979 A commemorative stamp of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is issued by the U.S. Postal Service as part of its Black Heritage USA commemorative series. The stamp of the slain civil rights leader is the second in the series.


Sign the Online Petition: Human Rights Education. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the fundamental & international agreement of what human rights are, and so must be known & applied throughout the world. Make your voice heard. Make human rights education in schools & universities part of the curriculum. You can ensure human rights are learned & demanded by everyone by signing this petition.


December 10th is International Human Rights Day! Photograph of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt of the United States holding a Declaration of Human Rights. #iamthatgirl


Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 10 April 2014 | Human Rights Watch Obama becomes 'Deporter-in-Chief'; offer of amnesty in Ukraine; sexual violence in Congo - All in today's Daily Brief…

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Declaration of Human Rights

HUMANISM: Something that is related to humans like, their interests, belief, resident, values, their morals, powers, needs, rights.