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Kusozu: the death of a noble lady and the decay of her body, panel 6 of 9. Decomposition continues with the help of scavengers.

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Human decomposition stain left on a mattress.

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stages of deterioration in the human body. part 4 of 4

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‘Marbling’ is a characteristic of postmortem decomposition associated with bacterial gas and swelling of the body.This feature is usually seen 24-36 hours after death depending on the environment and is indicative of early stages of decomposition. It is produced by hemolysis of blood in vessels with the reaction of hemoglobin and hydrogen sulfide and the development of greenish-black discoloration of the vessels.

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Human decomposition stain left on a mattress. You can vaguely make out the shape of the head and upper body.

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The Forensic Anthropology Center, University of Tennessee specializes in research directed to human identification and human taphonomy, service to law enforcement in recovery and identification of human remains, and education of law enforcement in areas pertaining to recovery of human remains. It is perhaps best know for its work in human decomposition research, work that has provided many new insights into the nature of human decomposition and its use in 'time since death' estimation.

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forensicpink: A time-lapse study of natural human decomposition. (@ the Body Farm)

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Human body decomposition stain left on the carpet after the body has been removed from the home / scene

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Juana Gomez - Embroidery

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Here's what happens to your body after you die

What happens to a human body after death - Tech Insider

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