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Anatomy basic shapes - most people know of these simple drawing rules... But when you are having fun drawing you somehow ignore them, or maybe thats just me? Anyways, i beleive using them more consistently would improve my drawings a lot!


Drawing the Proportions of the Human Body

Today's Drawing Class 101: Anatomy | Drawing the Proportions of the Human Body | Artist's Network:


Artists have known for centuries that the average human adult body is made from parts that are in proportion to each other in predictable ways. If you draw your figures according to these ratios, your finished work will look more natural.


Correct Human Figure Proportions & What is Meant by Out of Proportion. Technically I was taught (in art school) a drawing of an adult figure is generally eight and a half heads high. And when drawing facial features, split the face into thirds horizontally, the top third is the forehead, the middle third is eyebrows to bottom of nose, and bottom third is nose to chin