wow. this is gloomy and from Maysa Dos Santos's instalation board: "Yuichi Ikehata"

Yuichi Ikehata - The struts make these kinda look like a building mid-construction

How to Draw the Human Body – Study: Dance Body Positions for Comic / Manga Character Reference | Modern Art Movements To Inspire Your Design

"Some anatomical studies - (Sport) by Laura Braga, via Behance"/dance/pose/anatomy/reference

Ana Teresa Barboza; Barboza uses a combination of embroidery and photography to create sensitive compositions to reveal messages. She embroiders elegant floral designs on carefully selected photographs arranged to convey a relationship between the two subjects. The bare skinned models have carefully stitched arrangements which appear that the models is stitching into there skin or tearing it apart to reveal a complex embroidered design of the anatomy.

Ana Teresa Barboza embroidery creates a relationship between human skin and embroidery.

I want a print of this for my room...  Fernando Vicente

There is something so disturbingly beautiful about these. Human Anatomy by Fernando Vicente.

Bodyscapes by Carl Warner | Art and Design News

- Carl Warner - - Valley of the Reclining Woman - - Photographie -

alecshao: “ Gunther von Hagens, acid-corrosion cast of the arteries of the adult human hand and forearm ”

Blood inside the body? When you see it? alecshao: “ Gunther von Hagens, acid-corrosion cast of the arteries of the adult human hand and forearm ”

Japanese photographer Yuichi Ikehata creates realistic sculptures of human body parts using clay, wire and paper. He then photographs the sculptures and merges them into unrealistic worlds to create Long Term Memory (LTM), an ongoing photographic series that “puts audiences in the ambivalent position of not knowing what is real and what is not.”

Yuichi Ikehata’s Sculpted Photographs. Japanese artist Yuichi Ikehata sculpts disintegrating body parts, photographs them and then manipulates them using various programs resulting in truly haunting.

Generative Illustrations of the Human Form by Janusz Jurek

Generative Illustrations of the Human Form by Janusz Jurek (Colossal)

culturenlifestyle: “ Generative Artwork by Janusz Jurek Polish designer and illustration Janusz Jurek explores the different shapes of generative illustration through the human body. Generative art is.

Photographer captures the power and magic of the human body in motion and the spirit of dance | Creative Boom

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Yakovlev has an amazing talent for conveying the elegant, refined energy of dancers. His stunning studio portraits capture…

X-ray of a baby. Look at the gaps between those bones, this is why they are so flexible

A thing of unknown beauty: the circulatory system in a human infant.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adara Sánchez Anguiano. El arte de desvestirse

I think i found someone like me, obssessed with people who dress and undress Adara Sánchez Anguiano.

I'm not sure why I like this so much. Saatchi Online Artist: John Markese; Acrylic, 2011, Painting "Curves"

"Curves" - John Markese, acrylic, Palatine, IL {contemporary figurative nude female anatomy torso painting} Best work of this artist !