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Hull House was a settlement house back in the early 1900s for immigrants. A woman gave birth to a child whose father was the devil. The mother, disgusted by the child, abandoned the baby at Hull House. The owner, Jane Addams, hid the baby in the attic and raised the child. The child died at a young age. Now, if you look into the second floor window of Hull House, you will see the face of the devil look back at you.


Jane Addams, pioneer American social worker and feminist, and the FIRST woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931.


In the 19th century a women's movement began to promote education, autonomy, and break into traditionally male dominated occupations for women. Organizations led by women, bonded by sisterhood, were formed for social reform, including settlement houses in working class and poor neighborhoods, like Hull House.


Three boys at Hull House in Chicago. Photograph from the Chicago Daily News. Want a copy of this photo? > Visit our Rights and Reproductions Department and give them this number: ICHi-01544 Connect with the Museum


Hullhouse.jpg (343×490) The Hull House, erected in 1856 in what used to be the suburbs of Chicago, had a spooky reputation. This photo is said to show four monk-like figures on the staircase.


Chicago's Most Haunted Countdown - #3 Jane Addams' Hull House

Hull House Ghost. This is the background behind the photo:"My husband & I were visiting Chicago in June '07 and we decide to do a ghost tour. The tour was fun & interesting, lasted about 3 hours. The Hull House Museum was the last stop, as soon as we pulled up I knew I needed a photo of the staircase. I forgot my camera at the hotel so I had to use my cell phone (which has no flash). I got my phone out & said SAY CHEESE and when I got home & blew up the pic on my pc this is what I got."…