HR Giger sleeve tattoo
Hans Rüdi Giger: Satan I
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Giger's alien in the form of Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci. Amazing tattoo design © Cele-1-20
Twitter / lieaplz: A serene but still drooly #ALIEN ... in commemoration of H.R.Giger. #RIPGiger - One of my favourite artist in the world..... we will truly miss your inspiring work sir!
hr giger art | HR Giger, visit one of his official websites: , Giger ...
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HR Giger - From the biomechanics series
witch dance hr giger - Google Search
Emiliano Calisti: KoRn x HR Giger microphone stand |
A sweet poster of HR Giger's Satan I - a perfect example of his dark surrealist style! Used as the album cover for the 1985 Celtic Frost LP To Mega Therion. Ships fast. 11x17 inches. Check out the res
Checkout & JANE BORDEAUX MUSIC at to listen to the new song, EROTICATION by Jane Bordeaux inspired by HR Giger Art & Images (explicit lyrics). Listen while viewing unique photos of beautiful, awesome, amazing, realistic, 3d tattoos & tattoo body art (Cool Bio-mechanical, Biomechanical, ideas, inspiration, artwork, greyscale, design, color, male, arm, leg, back, neck, hands, chest, sleeve eye & eyes) inspirational images like H.R. HR GIGER Inspired Tattoos…
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