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Popcorn poppers- they’re not just for popping popcorn. Actually, they probably are. But this is America, people. The land of innovation. Here at Roasty, outside the box is really the only place we think, and as it turns out, a popcorn popper is perfectly convenient (and yes, totally safe) for home-roasting #coffee. How to Roast Coffee Beans With a Hot Air #Popcorn Popper

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Popcorn! It’s fun, it’s delicious, it brings families together, and it’s the snack of choice for moviegoers the world over. It’s also the SECOND best thing to make in a #popcorn popper. The top prize has to go to #coffee, which can easily and quickly be roasted with inexpensive popcorn equipment. How to Roast Coffee Beans With a Stove Top Popcorn Maker

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4 Easy Ways to Roast Coffee Beans At Home (No Skill Required)

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How to Roast Coffee using a Bread Machine

You read that right – how to roast coffee with a bread machine. If you’ve been a long time reader, or caught our segment on Nightline, you might know that I have been roasting my own beans for a while. And rather than spend hundreds on a nice coffee roaster, I’ve spent about $50 and …

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How to Roast coffee beans

How to Roast Coffee at Home - Seriously, for $6 a pound, you can have Gourmet Coffee better than any coffee shop around!

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How to find the right coffee roast for you

Learn more about the various coffees in Starbucks roast spectrum. Blonde, Medium or Dark — there is a coffee roast for everyone.

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