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How to Make Stress Reliever Scented Squishy Goo

AKA Slime, my version of this scented goo will have you making multiple batches! Inexpensive to whip up, this goo is a terrific stress reliever for those willing to pick it up and P. L. A. Y. by Kimberly Ylitalo.

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So many benefits to a daily meditation practice. | Fit Bottomed Girls

Meditation Infographic: This Is Your Body on Meditation

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an up and coming therapy: FASTER EFT - ask me how. there are tons of free resources online. i am training to be a practitioner and will be available for skype sessions soon... it works. you've seen my pain... do you see it now? nope, it's not there anymore. remove the emotions from the memory. works for physical ailments and addiction too. fall in love with yourself! it's amazing. More

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How To Remove Nervous Energy From Your Home

Many people feel anxious, fearful and even worried, blaming stress from their every day life, however, our homes hold energy that can have a huge affect on our systems. Here's How To Remove Nervous Energy From Your Home. |

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How to Remove Negative (Foreign) Energy

to remove foreign energy from your energy field, all you need is a few minutes to perform a quick visualization meditation, outlined below.

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You can have a “Christmas Tree” all year round with these Seated “Good Mornings” exercise by @ronzdabody. I love this exercise. (Note: A “Christmas Tree” refers to how the muscles in your lower back resemble a Christmas tree when shredded - see latest @d_stinto pic for example). Performed CORRECTLY, Seated Good Mornings are an excellent lower back exercise because they isolate the back, removing any assistance from the hamstrings & glutes

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Can You Really Detox Your Entire Life In Just One Week?

How To Exercise When Your Have Chronic Pain -

One of the biggest challenges I have faced this year in trying to lose weight and improve my health is the pain involved. Not just the pain of the exercise in general, but dealing with How To Exercise When You Have Chronic Pain from other ailments. For me, being overweight has caused added stress on …

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