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How to Remove Tooth Tartar at Home

Tartar is mineral deposits found on the teeth. Over time, the amount of tartar can build up and, if not controlled, can lead to periodontal disease, according to World Dental, Dental Health Magazine. While the most effective way to remove tooth tartar is to visit a dentist for a professional cleaning, you can take some steps at home to help remove...

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Home remedies to remove plaque and tartar

Due to a continual accumulation of minerals on the teeth and gum line, a soft and sticky deposit will appear and bother your teeth.See how to get rid of it!

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How to Remove Dental Plaque

Maintaining good oral health is important for overall health and confidence, and plaque is a common problem. You may notice it as a hard yellowish layer, also called calculus, on your teeth. Removing plaque usually requires a visit to your dentist, however you can remove it at yourself at home using natural remedies.

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Remove Tartar, Clean Plaque and Destroy Bacteria Using One Ingredient

Two daily teaspoons of this natural ingredient will save your teeth and may even remove plaque and harmful bacteria.