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With months of preparation on the line, pageant week has the potential to send your stress levels through the roof. It’s so important to know how to cope with your stress to avoid excess tension in your body and to keep your focus on stage.  Yoga has been used for centuries to promote a sense of calm and to relieve stress. Not only is it good for your mind, but it’s great for your body.   Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol. According to LiveStrong.com, this hormone…

13 Calming Yoga Poses for Pageant Week Stress Relief

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What to Eat to Banish Stress

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50 Ways to Practice Self Care and Reduce Stress + FREE Printable Checklist

Learn what it takes to make self-care a priority, and use these 50 ideas to get your ultimate self-love and de-stressing practice started.

Managing stress is crucial to controlling your IC. How do you manage your every day stress?

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50 Ways to Take a Break -- Stress is as much of a factor in health as nutrition and fitness. De-stress this weekend!

17 Superfoods to Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Naturally  #homeremedies

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Simple and quick ways to relieve stress.  How to relax and reduce stress in 30 minutes or less. [Infographic]

30 simple ways to relieve stress in 30 minutes or less [Infographic]

Simple and quick ways to relieve stress. How to relax and reduce stress in 30 minutes or less. [Infographic]

How To Ease Stress And Anxiety Using Reflexology?

How To Ease Stress And Anxiety Using Reflexology?

Reflexology is one of the easiest ways to beat stress and anxiety in today’s fast-paced world. This shows what you can do externally to reduce stress.

Cheryl Heppard shares tips on how to reduce stress ConsultingCampaign.com

Dig deep and challenge yourself to view 2 positive angles to every stress that is on your mind. Soon you will have more reason to be grateful than stressed! Keep calm & reduce stress