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Homemade jeans! I've got to try this. I'm tired of ill fitting expensive jeans.

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Jean Pencil Skirt

Jean Pencil Skirt: Free Tutorial. Step-by-step instructions on how to make jean pencil skirt from a pair of jeans.

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QUICK FIX HOW TO RESIZE YOUR JEANS WAIST how to take in jeans waist

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How to Take in the Waist on a Pair of Blue Jeans

How to Make Your Jeans Fit Like a Glove! Sewing Trick Everyone Needs! sewing ideas #sewing

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Tutorial: How to Resize Your Jeans to Make them Skinnier. Full tutorial with picture to show you how to make skinnier (or skinny) jeans- without twisted legs. A must read if you plan to take some jeans in.

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How to Make the Waist Bigger on Jeans

Shhhh! We won't tell anyone and no one will be able to tell! A quick fix to make tighter jeans a little more comfortable in the waist. This quick sewing trick is easy to learn!

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Taking in jeans that are too wide in leg. Awesome!!! But is this work worth it for a inexpensive pair of jeans.....? Maybe!

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31 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know (With Pictures)

31 Clothing Tips Every Girl Should Know @Jess Liu Sutton Rangel-Dewey boy fabric or colors for Eli's, cute girly for Lawson

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Make the Most Bad-Ass Bomb-Dot-Com Jean Cutoffs of Your LIFE

How to make the perfect pair of jean shorts--a step-by-step guide on Dolce and Gabriella #jean #shorts #cutoffs

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