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How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs #Infographic #Animation #GraphicDesign

How to Make Awesome Animated GIFs #Infographic

How to Make Animated GIFs That Will Improve Your Social Media Strategy [Infographic] - @redwebdesign
from Red Website Design Blog

How to Make Animated GIFs That Will Improve Your Social Media Strategy [Infographic

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How to make a GIF… without Photoshop

Want to learn how to make a GIF without photoshop? We've got you covered with our simple tutorial.


After animation wrapped on Big Hero, I had the opportunity to help out with design on Moana. One of my assignments was to design the village kids from her island of Motunui. I hoped to bring a sense of authenticity to how they looked, and to make them real for me I thought a lot about watching my little cousins grow up back in the Philippines=)Thankful for them!


Trolls Felt Craft The finished product! Dreamworks Animation used Benzie's felt to make 500 felt plaques as gifts for the team that worked on their new movie Trolls! Check out the last post for some crazy statistics (like how much felt was used!). It was an honor to have our felt be used for such a fun project!! Go see the movie!!! #dreamworkstrolls #benziefelt


Did you even see it? They spent 4 years on perfecting the animation to the beauty it is now. Most animation companies rush sequels to keep fans, Dreamworks included once. The plot may have been a bit fast paced, but it's directed towards children and it pushed the normal time of 1 1/2 hours and went to 2. How long can you keep kid's attentions? Well, not one kid in the theater over the age of 4 got up during it. (My imaginary discussion of the film against HTTYD2 haters. Not directed to…