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How To Forget Something

You came to see me when I thought you would be the last person I ever heard from. I still don't know how to take it or what it meant. But I cherish that visit and will never forget that you came. Your broken voice on the phone the tears in your voice is something I will never forget.

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Who hasn't wanted to make something, but wasn't sure how to cut it in half?

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29 IKEA Hacks to Freshen Up Your Bedroom

How to Style a Desk 3 Ways: for the 18-year-old Student, the 20-something Post-grad, and the 30-something Career Woman // shelf stying:

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I forget how to feel much... Until something causes that dull ache to flair into a burning pain.

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So true. I thought musicals were really distasteful before I listened to Hamilton, and now I've got In the Heights, American Psycho, Catch Me If You Can, and (of course) Newsies saved to my phone. I love this new medium now that I've had something to open me up to it. Thank you. <3

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I really like this quote, I feel like all girls can relate to this because sometimes we try so hard to look a certain way to please others & we become so focused on that , and forget how beautiful we really are. We forget about the things that make us beautifully unique. So when you focuse on things that make you beautifully unique you gain this confidence about yourself. And when others say something about your flaws, or looks it doesn't bother you.

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Mom brain is real! Oh, how I know... the fogginess, the forgetfulness, and all those hormones... I say this in kindness, if your children are grown, in school, maybe even moved out... that mom brain is probably something else. Like not getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself. For those days when you have a cloudy mind, but you want to be, feel, and perform your best I love to use this blend. I enjoy this applied to the back of my neck and along upper forehead.

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The way hay looks, smells and feels can tell you something about its quality. Here’s how to evaluate your hay to be sure it’s meeting all of your horse’s nutritional requirements. And don't forget, you can enter to win up to $10,000 worth of hay! >>

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