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Good for them, couldn't happen to more deserving people. All that is done in Hate Will Reap. They will find out very soon just how much Trump cares about them....he got your vote, you're no longer any use to him.


Isn’t it funny when people ask me for my opinion they typically can’t take it? Isn’t it sad that when I get emotionally slutty people flee in fear of my inner intensity? How crazy is it that I could go an hour staring away from you and notice every move you make? Isn’t it baffling that all those who've tried to understand me eventually gave up? And isn’t it ironic that every single one of them, and you, will think of me again; over and over again. INFJ refuge

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Habits You Can Use To Be Successful (And Some To Avoid)

Many of us go through our lives, envious of our neighbor’s success— not knowing all the failures and hard work they put in. Successful people always seem to ‘have their act together’, while we’re just struggling to get through our day. Comments comments


“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.” Confucius

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23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was A Gift We Didn't Deserve

And when he talked about how he asked his now wife on a trip to Florence for their second date, and your heart melted even further. | 23 Times Eddie Redmayne Was A Gift We Didn't Deserve


But where are they? How do i find them? I want to meet them and know that I really do belong somewhere.


To be honest there's nothing about the next year that can't be done in the next second. "Now" is always available to you for freedom and happiness. We challenge you to stop caring so much about the opinions of others in this next second as to ask yourself what matters to you. NOBODY else can feel YOUR happiness. Only you can do that. Only you are responsible to figure out how to spark it up and open it for yourself. If people don't like it then guess what? They don't like the real you. So…