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How To Do Umrah

Animated Hajj Guide, مناسك الحج ,دليل الحج والعمرة, الحج - YouTube


FASTING... Even Catholics wonder why we do it... this is a great succinct explanation. When you end with Grace, how can you go wrong?


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The Safa&Marwa. Walked seven times. How did Hajar (RA) the wife of prophet Ibrahim and the mother of the prophet Ismail do this while this place was a desert???!! I got tired by the second round and the Ac's were on.


HOW TO GET YOUR DUAS GRANTED IN HAJJ, UMRAH OR GENERALLY 1. Always have full faith in Allah and do all ibadath for His (SWT) pleasure only 2. When making dua to Allah say "YA ALLAH ACCEPT MY DUA WITH THE WASEELA OF MUHAMMED (SAW)" 3. Give thanks to Allah for what He(SWT) has given you and He (SWT) will give you more Insha'Allah!