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How to Make an Omelet tutorial with step-by-step photos

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How to Make a Perfect French Omelet

How to make the perfect French omelet. Gluten free and low-carb.

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I already watch this show, but if Izzy was on it, I'd probably become fanatic and stalk her and find out how to ascend xD

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How to Make a Classic Omelette (and Why Chefs Wear Those Goofy Hats)

Omelet: cook ingredients before & mix with eggs before adding to pan. Sausage, bacon, cheddar. Spinach, onion, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, cheddar, parm.

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Little Miss Paint Brush

Every otaku knows that when it comes to food, omurice is one of the surefire ways to get to your waifu's/husbando's heart. Haha (๑>ᴗ<๑) If you've ever wondered how to do it, here are the *basic* steps in cooking omurice for your loved ones (or for yourself)! xD ♥ ♥

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Have you ever tried Spanish omelette? Save this pin and tell us how was your experience!

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Hashbrown Mini Quiches with Sausage and Peppers

Hash Brown Mini Quiche Recipe | These mini hashbrown quiches are a great way to batch cook breakfast. Customize them anyway you like with your favorite cheese and omelette fillings. They freeze well and you can just pop them in the microwave for a warm and tasty breakfast on the go. Great for a crowd too! Click for the recipe and how-to video.

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how to make omurice (rice omelet).

How To Make Tortilla Española (Spanish Potato Omelette)...haven't tried the recipe, but tortilla espanola was amazing in spain!

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