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Let These Classics Show You How To Be Punk

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Twenty One Pilots Vessel Pocket Shirt

The cover of Twenty One Pilots album, Vessel, printed onto the chest pocket. The picture is printed on through iron-on transfer paper. The picture is cut and pressed on by hand. Because of this, no two will be alike. There will be small differences, like how well the picture fits on the pocket or subtle changes in color. SIZING: The shirts are Fruit Of The Loom tees with mens sizing. CARE: Please wash this shirt inside-out with cold water and color-safe detergent. Tumble dry or hang to dry…

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Green Day, they've been with me for most of my life and have never disappointed me. They've saved my life and always know how to make me enjoy it...even if it's at shit creek. Cheers to the GREATEST PUNK ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD!!:') -Janice H. (P.S. this is my first pin)

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Let These Classics Show You How To Be Punk

Let These Classics Show You How To Be Punk | Sid and Nancy, 1986

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Thalia's is absolutely perfect because she's so punk-rock so she'll obviously sing Fall Out Boy and because she's an immortal Huntress she'll sing....well... Immortals.

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This really hits home. A lot of times I really hate being an outcast, and then I remember The Metal Family, and how welcoming it is, and realize I don't need to fit in, I don't need to be accepted by society, as long as I'm accepted by who matters.

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