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2003 handout in the course MI308: Ministry Mates, “designed to teach the young lady how to be an effective mate to a husband who is in full-time ministry.” Side 2 at the click

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Be Feminine

Do you want to enhance your feminine side? If you really want to embrace your inner lady, then you have to adopt the mindset of a more traditional woman and know how to cultivate grace, politeness, and capability. If you want to know how...

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It's important to be confident and believe in yourself. You will only go as far as you let yourself achieve.

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Just because it is authentic, doesn't mean it has to be exposed. So, here are my ideas on how to be mysterious while also being authentic: Glamorous Whole LIfe Makeover: How To Be Mysterious

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"SECRETS OF ELEGANCE: How to be Elegant in 10 Basic Steps" e-book by Eunice Leong-Tan - An easy-to-read, step by step guide on the foundations of elegance. Discover the secrets of womanly poise and confidence in this book based on the observations and study of elegant women. Written in both a manual and workbook style, Secrets of Elegance enables anyone to learn the roots of elegance and to contrive her own elegant manner and style.

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