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How Old Is Canada

If this isn't a Christmas scene, I don't know what is.Old Quebec Street - Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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he lives in Canada he should be used to it by now!

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104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean

You are looking at a recent photo of the world's oldest known orca, 104-year-old "Granny." Granny is a gorgeous example of just how long orca whales can live in the wild when they are not confined and deprived in captivity. This image was taken by Gary Sutton, a captain at Wild Whales Vancouver in BC, Canada. Follow him on Instagram for more wild orca photos:

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Restaurant Le Cochon Dingue In The Old Port Of Quebec City Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Juergen Roth

Restaurant Le Cochon Dingue in the Old Port of Quebec City Photograph

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imagine if Ameripan ends up on the American news. Seeing how gay marriage is not legal in every state, I can see how that would be bad....

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Happy 147th Birthday Canada | Traveling Families | Victoria BC | Little Monkey Rentals

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U. S. & Canada Highway 83 - Surfaced All The Way - Travel The Old Trails

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The White-breasted Nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis) is a small songbird of the nuthatch family which breeds in old-growth woodland across much of temperate North America. The breeding habitat of the White-breasted Nuthatch is woodland across North America, from southern Canada to northern Florida and southern Mexico.

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Nowadays it's full of fashion boutiques and condos, but Yorkville in the '60s was full of folkies and cafes. The people living there didn't like how they were taking over the neighbourhood. Some of the greatest Canadian singer/songwriters got their starts there, from Neil Young to Joni Mitchell. This is Yorkville circa 1968, via Vintage Toronto on Facebook.

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British Airways is changing baggage allowances, so here's a handy carry-on guide

Here's what airlines will and won't allow for carry-on luggage

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