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How Old Is Canada

Happy Thanks Giving Day #Canada #Gratitude Canada thanks giving day this year falls on Monday October 10 2016. Most families celebrated it today October 9 2016 which happened to be the #Uganda Independence Day from the Britons in 1962. I wrote earlier about #UgandaAt54. I watched arrestes of oposition in Uganda and watched blatant lies by their president. Oh non dictator #Museveni has never been my president and never will be. I am the #Besigye type committed opposition supporter with love…

Our Canadian hearts are broken along with the rest of the Nations around the world for those in Connecticut..We are praying for you..

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104-Year-Old 'Granny' Orca Spotted Leaping Wildly Out Of The Ocean

You are looking at a recent photo of the world's oldest known orca, 104-year-old "Granny." Granny is a gorgeous example of just how long orca whales can live in the wild when they are not confined and deprived in captivity. This image was taken by Gary Sutton, a captain at Wild Whales Vancouver in BC, Canada. Follow him on Instagram for more wild orca photos:

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How to road-trip Canada on a budget

Canada is big and beautiful, but climate, distance and the high cost of domestic travel make it hard to get to know her. Having the freedom to throw your stuff in the trunk and set off as you please makes self-driving a tempting way to explore this frequently spectacular country.


HOW TO BE SMUG: A LESSON IN VERSE ... As some of you know I love writing rude poems and here is one I penned while being a SMUG old cow in Canada recently…your #SundaySmile - enjoy!

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10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

I’ve written quite a few articles on solo female travel tips and why every woman should venture out on her own but, I’m often asked, “Where is it safe for women to travel solo?” While there may be some destinations that are more safe than others, the world is not as scary as some might think. With a positive attitude and general street smarts, there are plenty of places in the world where you can feel totally safe and secure on your own.

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20 Tried & True Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards!

People often ask me how I save so much on everyday items, Christmas and birthdays. The answer? With FREE Gift Cards! These 20 Tried & True Ways to Earn FREE Gift Cards will have you spending less cash in no time! This is my complete list with 3 Bonus sites I use to "shop for Free" too!


U. S. & Canada Highway 83 - Surfaced All The Way - Travel The Old Trails


No matter how garbage the poll if it shows that Donald Trump won the debate hell endorse it - No matter how garbage the poll if it shows that Donald Trump won the debate hell endorse it Open to anyone meaning that anybody with an Internet connection can go and cast a vote. Anyone in Russia for example or in Canada. Anyone who is 12 years old or who is not a citizen. Literally anyone can weigh in at any time. Fecha: September 28 2016 at 03:31PM via Digg: - Sigueme en mi…

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15 Stereotypes About Canadians That Are Very, Very Wrong

They’re genteel, they said. | 15 Stereotypes About Canadians That Are Very, Very Wrong